So, what's this site for?:

Whatever I wanna put on here essentially. I'm generally sick of social media as a whole (I keep a few accounts, but I'm trying to limit how much I use it) so I decided to learn HTML/CSS so I could have my own online hub. I'll post art, ramble about stuff, throw whatever experimental stuff I mess with on here too.

I'll also have commission info on here soon, if that's anything you're interested in :3c

What I make:

As of right now? Mostly - but not limited to - furry art; largely of my characters, my friends characters, commission work, and occasionally fanart. I also like to animate! Both traditionally and tweened, though I tween more often nowadays.

As for what I plan to do in the future:
I have a bigger worldbuilding-y story focused project that's been marinating in my head for awhile now; something in a webcomic-esque format. I'll probably make another site for that when I'm ready to start putting it out there though.

I've been trying to get more into coding too, learning HTML/CSS was the foot in the door. My focus right now (when I can get myself to focus on it, that is) is learning Lua for games (chronic roblox enjoyer) and javascript for web development. At some point I'm definetly going to try to make music too, or at least better understand the process that goes into that.

A bit more about me:

I'm Coda, and I'm not really sure how to introduce myself beyond the obvious "hi I'm a furry artist" spiel - So I'll update this better when I figure that out.

I am also a system, or the host of a system, however you wanna put it. I.e. plurality, I.e. sometimes I reffer to who you would see as the singular "me" more as a "we". Nowadays my alters don't post much online seperate from me, but they may do so from time to time. I don't really plan to make a whole chart on who's who right now (or any plans to in the foreseeable future), so just be aware of that if "I'm" suddenly using another name.